The G-Vault® Complete Interstage Unit is the newest addition to the Derrick portfolio and now serves as the new standard of interstage screening in loaded Carbon and Resin circuits, unique to gold recovery.

Our newest innovation employs a modular approach where a screen surface is combined with a robust support structure that can be connected with ease. Trilogy screens feature tapered openings, can withstand higher temperatures, and increased open area which all contribute to its non-blinding characteristics. These non-blinding and abrasion resistant properties result in a screen with higher throughput, increased life, and less maintenance. All of which lead to more efficient recovery.

Prioritizing HSE, Derrick has focused the G-Vault design on operator safety. The G-Vault utilizes a compression seal drain on the bottom of the unit, eliminating unnecessary moving parts. An optional draft tube can be incorporated for pumping applications. This option operates on a standalone drive system which is accessible from the top of unit. Additionally, each screen on the G-Vault unit can be easily removed while connected to the launder due to its modular design – all of which lead to a reduction in working under suspended loads.