Proven to dramatically increase liquid/solids separation, the Super G® series vibratory motors produce superior conveyance due to their high G characteristics. Increased fluid-handling capacities using fewer shakers is only part of the reason for their success on drilling rigs. Screening finer, earlier in the drilling process, significantly reduces mud and disposal costs. The Super G series vibratory motors are built with Derrick’s superior electrical components, which are renowned in the industry for durability. High performance and exceptional durability make the Super G series vibratory motors an asset to any drilling program.

Featuring permanently lubricated bearings that eliminate the need for a remote lubrication system, Derrick Super G vibratory motors reduce both repair costs and maintenance requirements. These grease-filled bearings also result in significantly lower sound output with a measured level of 74 +/- 4 dBA. Super G vibratory motors carry a two-year warranty.